Samworth Brothers

high and exact standards

We started working with AGM Chilled two years ago when we were unable to find a chilled courier through our usual route for an urgent collection.  Time was of the essence and we needed a company that could match our high and exact standards on quality, responsiveness and price.  AGM did not let us down. Their friendly “can do and will do, if we can” approach to that first contact and all of our subsequent dealings has meant that we don’t have to worry at all about if the collection or delivery will happen because it always does, what if there is a problem, because they work with us to find a solution or how much are they going to charge because they know that we need helping out, because we regularly benchmark their prices against their competitors and they are competitive (but they don’t take advantage of that fact!) .

Alan and his whole team are always cheerful and upbeat, they seek out the most cost efficient solution for you and always get back to you quickly with a range of solutions. They will not compromise on the quality and high standards of the vehicles or drivers that they use and they keep you updated every step of the way, if that’s what you need (eg: texts to say driver has arrived, left, caught in traffic etc) so that you can manage expectations of your own stakeholders .  I know that we can be a very demanding and occasional “last minute” customer to them, but we had an instant rapport from day one and have affectionately  re-named internally AGM to OMG (as these are normally the first three words that we utter when we have the challenge!) but we know, without question or concern that, if we contact AGM and they can help us out, that they will not let us down.  I don’t think that the word “can’t” is in their company dictionary!

We love working with AGM Chilled and would have no hesitation in recommending them. They’re great!